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The Power of You

January 16, 2019

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Happy New Year! When l look back on the progress we have made toward changing the way America thinks about circumcision, I am deeply moved and excited about the future.

Mostly, I am extremely grateful for YOU – for the generosity and compassion you showed in 2018. Because of you and our other donors, we were able to claim 100% of the generous $50,000 match put forward by a private philanthropist from Illinois. And to Intact America’s many new supporters: thank you for becoming part of this outspoken and uncompromisingly dedicated community.

Thank you for standing with Intact America to fight for the rights of baby boys to keep the bodies they’re born with.

Thank you for understanding the damage circumcision creates for boys, men and those who love them. And for your commitment to stopping this travesty.

Thank you for your support for this movement until true equality can be claimed – until all children can grow up knowing that their genitals and their rights to a healthy sexual future have been protected.

And thank you for sharing your passion for this cause with friends, family, and others. Every time you do, the wall of stigma surrounding a once-taboo topic crumbles a little bit more.

The national survey Intact America conducted in 2018, compared to the one we did four years earlier (the first of its kind), showed that the American public is increasingly accepting of the intact male body. We will survey again in 2019 to continue measuring the movement’s progress in reaching a tipping point.

The public response to American Circumcision, Brendon Marotta’s documentary, featuring interviews with many movement leaders including yours truly, has been nothing less than phenomenal. With the documentary now on Netflix, we have seen scores of individuals requesting Intact America’s e-newsletter, writing to ask questions about our organization, sharing their stories, and wanting to become more involved. This breakthrough film is a game-changer for our movement.

In the first quarter of this year, Intact America will launch a new mobile-friendly website – the leading source of information on intactivist issues. Stay tuned – we think you’ll love it.

We’re also launching the advocacy phase of “Made to Stick,” our Foreskin Protection Campaign, with a letter to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). It cites our survey findings – that 43% of American boys under 7 years old have had their foreskins forcibly retracted – mostly at the hands of pediatricians. In the letter, and in our follow-up actions, we’re calling upon the AAP to educate its members about foreskin anatomy and the harms of forcible retraction. And we’ll offer working with them to ensure that this practice comes to an end. We’ll also continue to collect more stories/cases to our national foreskin retraction registry.

This summer, once again, we’ll be a big, loud presence at New York City PrideFest, where record crowds are expected for WorldPride and the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising. Pride represents a totally unique opportunity to spread the intactivist message to millions of attendees. The LGBTQ community knows all too well the discrimination and stigma attached to threatening the status quo by simply being oneself. We are deeply grateful for this community’s alliance with intactivism.

I am proud to report that Intact America is alive and vibrant, and on track to reach the tipping point – where a critical mass of Americans believe that the intact male body is natural and normal – and that cutting a baby’s genitals is NOT an option.

In the meantime, we will continue to protect boys from harm and to serve as a safe space for men and families – to tell their stories, to feel acknowledged and validated. None of this would be possible without your support.

I want to close with a New Year’s toast to you. Join me in raising a glass – to your courage and your leadership to stand for justice in the face of so much fear and shame. To your vision that has shaped this transformative human rights movement over the last decade. And to your continuing partnership in 2019 with Intact America to achieve our collective goals.

Best wishes for a healthy and joyful New Year,

Georganne Chapin
Founding Executive Director


Intact America

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  1. Bob Harlan permalink
    January 17, 2019 7:05 pm

    I believe the new website is a great idea. BUT, I believe it will be received in a much better manner IF it is balanced in the “pro” and “anti” information. The “anti” information, is extremely convincing from a medical standpoint as being unnecessary. BUT, if you don’t have a realistic presentation of the “pro” side, the website will be seen by many as not being honest and transparent in its presentation.

    • Jerry Norton permalink
      February 10, 2019 6:06 pm

      Well Harlan, perhaps you could research the “pros” for yourself. I think you’ll find there are none. Infant genital cutting is cutting off the end of someone else’s penis when they are most vulnerable. Even here in the U.S, where infant circumcision is entrenched and institutionalized, you will find a vanishingly small number of intact adult men who wish to amputate the end of their penis.

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