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We at Intact America have created a library of Resources to help supporters and activists be more effective in helping people understand why circumcision is medically unnecessary, unethical, and wrong.

Visit our Resources page to find:

  • Web banners you can post on your blog and site
  • Talking points
  • Flyers and white papers you can print out and share with family, friends, colleagues, and doctors, including:
  • “Ten Reasons to Stop Circumcising Baby Boys”
  • “Male Circumcision — A Dangerous Mistake in the HIV Battle”
  • “Myths & Facts About Circumcision”
  • “Foreskin Facts”
  • and more!
  • Information on our latest campaign
  • How to use GoodSearch and GoodShop to benefit Intact America

You can also get involved by visiting our Campaign page, our Spread the Word page, and our Donation page.

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